LAM UL is a self-adhesive ice and water protection sheet designed to prevent damage to your roof and home. The membrane is constructed of a fiberglass carrier coated with a blend of SBS polymers, asphalt, and additives, giving it the perfect combination of durability and flexibility.


Key Features.

  • conforms to CSA A123.22-08 and ASTM D1970.
  • split release film.
  • slip resistant.
  • excellent adhesion to multiple substrates.
  • high flexibility.
  • good dimensional stability. 
  • tear and puncture resistant. 
  • vapour barrier. 
  • rot resistant. 

Packaging Information.

Dimensions 0.9x20m || 36″x65′
Nominal Thickness 1.2mm || 48mils
Weight 30kg || 66lbs
Top Surface Sand
Bottom Surface Siliconized Film
Rolls per pallet 33

Application Field.

LAMA UL is used as an underlayment on low and high sloped roof decks for protection against ice and water intrusion which may damage the roofing system. The membrane is highly effective against the possible build-up of ice dams on rakes, eaves, and valleys of roofs.