LAMA 2PLY is a premium roofing system that combines the strength and durability of SBS-modified bitumen roofing membranes with the added reinforcement of polyester. This two-ply system is designed to provide superior protection against water and other elements, ensuring that your roof stays watertight and secure.

The LAMABase sheets feature burn-off films on both the top and bottom surfaces, while the LAMACap sheets have a mineral granule coating on the top surface and a burn-off film on the bottom. Both sheets have a 3.5″ overlap, which ensures a water-tight bond when applying the system.


Key Features.

  • Conforms to CSA A123.23-15 TYPE B GRADE 2 and ASTM D6164S.
  • Excellent elasticity.
  • High flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Resistance to aging.
  • High puncture and tear resistance.
  • Good resistance to acids, sulfates, and chlorides.

Packaging Information.



Dimensions  1x10m || 39″x32′ 1x8m || 39″x26′

3.0mm || 120mils

4.0mm || 160mils
Gross Coverage

10m² || 107sqft

8m² || 86sqft
Top Surface

Burn-off film

Mineral Granules
Rolls / skid 28 28



Application Field.


• Heat-welded.
• Mechanically fastened.
• Applied on hot bitumen.

• Heat-welded on LAMABase.

Application Method.

  • Lay down the rolls so that the lower face with poly­ethylene film is bonded to the substrate.
  • To fix the sheet to the substrate, use a propane gas burner to melt off the polyethylene film and a thin layer of bitumen while unrolling and laying the membrane. Side laps 100 mm and end laps 150 mm.
  • The membrane may be loosely laid, partially, or fully bonded, depending on the structure and the specifications.