LAMASol 60

LAMASol 60 is a high-quality roofing asphalt emulsion that provides reliable protection for your roof. This cold-applied emulsion is easy to use and dries to form a black, flexible coating that is resistant to erosion and oxidation.


Key Features.

  • Solvent-free
  • A good water-based alternative to traditional primers
  • Economical

Packaging Information.

Packaging Size 5 gal / 200L
Covers 190 sqft
Application Tool Brush or Spray
Pails per Pallet 48
Color Black

Application Field.

  • General Waterproofing: For use on concrete (exposed or below ground), cement, roofing felt, mastic asphalt, and corrugated iron, as a water and moisture barrier.
  • Metal Protection: Provides protection against corrosion of pipes, structural steelwork and other metallic equipment.
  • Insulation: Provides weatherproofing layer when used over exposed insulation, in conjunction with a light weight non-woven glass fabric or saturated polyester mat or jute. Also used as a vapor barrier when applied on concrete surfaces below insulation.
  • Adhesion: Highly effective as an adhesive for light insulation boards (geotextile) on vertical surfaces.

Application Method.

Surface Preparation:

Clean off all dirt, dust, grease or oil, or any other contaminant prior to the application of LAMASol 60.

  • Stir LAMASol 60 to homogeneity & apply by brush the first coat. To ease application, dampen the applicator before and during use.
  • Allow the first coat to dry.
  • Apply the second coat at the same rate and right angle to the first coat.
  • Protect from frost and rain until fully cured.
  • If used as an adhesive apply LAMASol 60 on the surface, wait for 30 min for the coat to dry to touch, then apply the geotextile and press to achieve bonding.

Note: LAMASol 60 can be applied on damp or dry surfaces.